Tradition for more then 170 years!

  • 1849 - The beginning

    It was in 1849 that the license to sell alcoholic beverages was extended for the first time for the Weiper family.

    Unfortunately, there is no information about the time before 1849.

    Foto & Text: Gemeindearchiv Südlohn
  • 1907

    But the name Nagel played a role from 1907 when Anna Weiper and Joseph Nagel got married and took over the business.

  • 1951

    Their son Alois married Elisabeth Schrieverhoff in 1951 and that year was the "reopening" of the inn. After a few years, in 1955, the hall was expanded.

    Alois Nagel´s Bruder Heinrich
  • 1979

    In 1979 the bowling alley was added and the hall was enlarged again.

  • 1985

    Josef (son of Alois and Elisabeth) and Beate Nagel marry in 1985 and continue the family business

  • 1994

    In 1994 the two of them expanded with the guest house and thus had 14 rooms.

  • 2001

    However, that was not enough. In 2001 the hotel with beer garden was built and 13 additional comfort rooms were added.

  • 2008

    In 2008 a "Jeux de Boules" course was built in the beer garden and the 1st Südlohner Boule Club was founded.

  • 2020

    New guest house on the "Schlinge" bank

    13 new rooms, 26 new beds: an expansion to 40 rooms with 81 beds. The new 2-story guest house was built directly on the Schlinge-Ufer on the previous parking lot. Two rooms have a terrace with a "loop view".

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